About WholePoint Systems

WholePoint Systems is a technology solutions provider with expertise in evaluating the performance of modern technologies and helping our customers build strategic workforce solutions.

Founded in 2014, WholePoint Systems has grown over 7,000% since inception. With a headquarters in Reston, Virginia and the ability to serve customers anywhere in the United States, WholePoint Systems has become one of the premier IT Solutions firms in the country.

The company was founded on the premise that there are gaps in the Value Added Re-seller, Training, and Staffing models.  It doesn’t make sense why these three areas are all often handled by  separate vendors, when they are so closely connected.  WholePoint Systems vision is to be a one stop shop for customers to help them develop end to end IT solutions and keep their organizations moving forward.

About the Founder

Brock Hazen is the President and Founder of WholePoint Systems. He is responsible for the leading the overall strategy and technical direction of the company.

Hazen has taken WholePoint Systems from a startup to a multimillion dollar company in less than five years. He is passionate about disruptive technology and fixing the gap in available IT talent in the United States. Since founding WholePoint Systems, Hazen has formed partnerships with over twenty leading technology firms to include Splunk, ServiceNow, Tenable, Palo Alto, McAfee, Docker, Microsoft, Amazon, and many more. He also has stood up an IT training program for transitioning service members to train them on new technologies and give them higher paying jobs as they come out of the military.

Prior to founding WholePoint Systems, Hazen was a top recruiter for one of the largest IT staffing agencies in the United States. He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management with a focus on entrepreneurship from James Madison University.

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